Company Punishment Information

Company Punishment Information


  • Staff Warning

    • Staff Warning(s) serve as cautionary measures for staff members, indicating a need for improvement. Upon reaching three warnings, demotion follows, but a fresh start is allowed with the new rank.
  • Demotion

    • Demotion involves moving down by one rank, providing staff members with an opportunity to rectify their actions through appeal. This ensures fairness and allows a chance for rehabilitation.
  • Termination

    • Termination results in a permanent shift to “Suspended Security Inmate” status. Appeals are occasionally considered, and while a new start is allowed, certain restrictions apply to maintain accountability.

Note: Purchasing a Gamepass post-termination allows rank claiming without violating the rules.

  • Suspension

    • Suspension leads to a temporary assignment of “Suspended Security Inmate.” Appeals are possible, and the original rank is reinstated after the specified duration. Caution is advised during suspension to avoid unintended consequences.

Caution: Unauthorized rank changes during suspension may result in termination.

  • Blacklist

    • Blacklists signify complete removal from the community. Rarely appealable, blacklisted individuals cannot participate in Stateview Prison-related activities. Creating alternative accounts for a fresh start is strictly prohibited.

Important: Creating an alternative account for a fresh start is prohibited and will also be blacklisted.


  • Appealable Actions can be challenged through a “Game-Appeal” ticket in the administration server, providing an avenue for individuals to present their case and seek reconsideration.

  • Unappealable Actions are permanent measures without appeal options, emphasizing the seriousness and finality of certain decisions.