Compilation of all the sessions of the day + another thing

We should add a list of all the sessions that happened during the day so we know when we missed an important session that we wanted to attend. We should also add all the types of session possible and say what we can and can’t have, example: Wardens cannot be promoted in this session or Wardens can get promoted during this sessions. Thank you!! I think this would help a lot of people!

There already is one, but only CP+ can see it, its the place where we log sessions.
but if you mean making a session scedule, it wouldn’t be possible due to SV having 300+ CP+.

I mean having somewhere where you see all the sessions that was done that day and in the week, like how many shift, how many training, etc.

What would you need it for? I mean you do t really need it, right?

I always miss the inspection or the things where Wardens can get promoted so personally it would help me, I could see when I missed it.

But you would be just sad if you see you missen one so whats the poont? They are aleays random and if you see you missed one it doesnt make you feel better

Honestly to this point it is just a personal preference, you don’t have to agree with me. It was just a suggestion.

Yeah, I know, I was just wondering why you would need it