Consider Command Reform / HR Competency Issue

It has been a recurring issue that Stateview Staff, predominantly HRs around the level of Warden, Chairperson, and Facility Directors, are of a very concerning level of incompetency for their positions. Notice their lack of adequate grammar, lack of general knowledge of Stateview, favoritism, and lack of professionalism does not paint a very good picture for Stateview as a group, let alone a community. I recommend that Stateview administration conduct reforms of some nature to mitigate incompetency and save the appearance to new and lasting users.

You can report any PC on under in the intel server, or you can dm leadership for a BoG+ report.

As blub said, you can always report them but we have nearly 400.000 players in the group and most of them wqnt to rank up so they dont play the game but do trainings. We need many CP to have sessions hosted. That wardens are abusers and most of them are unprofessionell is a clean fact but warden isnt a high position so that doesnt matter