Control Room Needs to Have A Higher Level

I honestly think, the spectate room where you can activate lockdowns and whatnot should be Deputy Warden+. It’s at Commander right now, but it takes 8 hours max to get Commander. This room can be abused easily. I will start seeing Commanders and Prison Inspectors hit lockdown for 2 prisoners escaping. I will occasionally see them do it correctly, but I just think it should have a higher level to access it; at least make it so someone has to have a certain rank to press lockdown.

I thought they made it so DW+ could only use the controls and commander+ can go in?

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Sadly, that’s not the case I don’t think. I also think I saw an ERT go in and push it.

The control room entry and LD is comm+(check official forums), but the thing is ANYONE on the ERT team can activate the LD so if like a SI tries to do a ld on corr team it wont work because of a bug.

Btw i think its Control Room not spectate room.

I just saw that this is a dead post lol

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Bro… 2 year old topic…


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Nah right now its commander or over can press lockdown but all ranks can enter for some reason. there should be a popup saying only dw+ can enter when you try to enter.

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Yeah, it is. Anyways I didn’t necropost bcuz it was only 9 days after. The only reason I didn’t see it sooner wast bcuz I was on vacation