Cool down for gamepass guns + Contraband redemption

I know this has been requested multiple times already, but it’s been awhile since it’s been requested, so might as well ask again.

I’m sure many frequent players know how annoying it is the have prisoners keep spawning in the status and shooting staff until killed, then they just respawn and do it again. I understand they bought the gamepass, but I feel a way to fix this is to make it that you can only get any gamepass items from a menu, kinda like how you switch teams in game, but with a twist. Every different item will have it’s own cool down timer, where you have to wait that amount of time before you use it again. For example, you would have to wait 2 minutes before claiming a glock, and 5 before claiming the AR. With this, you could also add a feature where when you play, you slowly earn the ability to claim different contraband, though at a slower speed.

This has been such a big pet peeve of mine, and I fell like this would really help.

If I failed to do something I was supposed to do for posting forum post, please forgive me, this is my first post and I don’t know all of the rules of posting.

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If they did add that the people that paid robux for the guns are basically getting ripped off (including me) so yea, I disagree

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No… Imagine all the people doing the RPC… Imagine the disaster…

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Yeah, I think a small cooldown before you have guns or keycard back will help to the staff on duty, cause if someone is rioting after solitary, maximum or be terminated, he or she respawns with all the contraband with no way to stop them.´

So basically your telling them to rip all the people that have bought the gamepass off?

No, just put a small cool down to prevent constantly riots, something similar than the actual time in maximum or solitary.

But that’s why we bought them for…
Also I quite easily catch armed inmates so get good
(Unless they are my fellow FD+ then it might be a little bit harder)

Catch them again, keep repeating that till they get bored, simple

I don’t think they will get bored, the first in get bored are the staff, later the inmates.

Then just don’t play, get good and cope with it

If your idea is deal with the inmates all the day, I will be honest but your idea is bad. Soon you will be tired of them cause they will riot during all the day until they win, making the guard change the team or leaving the server.
So be realistic, you can’t stop them alone.
Don’t answer to this message, EnFo is not available now.

I’m still going to answer, don’t expect you to reply

Reason that the thing should stay because just be better and go practice your aim, it’s as simple as that, and even if all the guards change teams then when there’s no guards then the server will die, so then most of them will change to a different server that has better guards that know how to aim

I bought everything in the game and you want a cooldown on it? That would be a rip-off for my robux. I would’ve then wasted about 1000 robux.