Cooldown Update

I know how to check cooldown but it’s very confusing for me to understand like I was promoted to CP about 2 weeks ago and the forum says the CD should be 1 week but when I check it it still says 8/11 at first I thought that it meant 8/11 days but I checked the nest day and it was the same. I think that CD should be made simpler or at least explained, but this is probably just me being stupid…

It means you got promoted on the 11th august, you need to check the CD yourself.

Oh I knew it was probably me being stupid

Hah, no, I also just found out not so long ago

Thanks for explaining it.

Using the rg!cooldowns command only shows your last promotion, you have to check if the cd is ovet by comparing the date

Wow… finally I found the answer about this confusion.

It’s so confusing thanks @hankschrader911