Corporal Cameras

Staff team (except HICOMM team) will have a corporal camera that allows to see what is that person doing.At camera room,there would be a computer for Facility cameras and other for corporal cameras.This feature is also a good idea for catch abusers easily and this will allow at shifts the Camera operators have more information during the session or even criminals will have more info and another reason to go camera room!

How it will works
At camera room,you are sat at computer that manage corporal cameras and you will see what a player is doing at first person.Below the screen you can see the name and rank of that person.If the officer dies,the camera will have no signal until the officer spawns again.Youll should be allowed to see what that officer and other persons are chating.

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Just use view command lol no need for this.

Yea lol, + it’s not rlly realistic in a prison

Ik but only those who have commands can use them.I mean,this suggestion is not focused to be used by HR only.

Well IRL every officer has a bodycam which is a camera on their uniform

not in prisons, lol. its for patrols only

Yeah good point but i was saying it because most officers have it

officers=/=correctional staff. see the difference?

I don’t get it

What does that mena

no officer in prison would ever wear a body cam

At stateview We are not police officers.

We are correctional staff.

We do not need to do everything police officers do as we are not police.