Couple of low priority bugs that the devs may be interested in

As a warden of level 82, I’ve just been looking for ways to break the game. These don’t affect anything past one person, so low priority for basically all of them.
DISCLAIMER: All of these bugs were found on mobile (Latest IOS on an unmodded Roblox client), meaning that they may not be reproducible on PC. They may also be just me, but they seem to be consistent.

-Keycard Glitching
Occasionally, my criminal keycard will not work. This seems to be caused by me having switched teams sometime earlier in the session. This is fixed through rejoining, but is very annoying. Because you can’t see me interacting with things on mobile, video evidence would look like me holding a keycard next to a door without interacting. This bug is very reproducible, to the point where I always leave and rejoin when switching to prisoner for some criminal action.

-Prisoner far outside the prison walls
You can leave the prison, but still be a prisoner. Most easily accomplished during yard time, prisoners can climb the cliffs against the prisonside, and if they travel far enough along said cliffs, they can pass the point at which it changes your team to criminal. Because this seems to simply be a line in the ground, this means that they cannot change to criminal without getting close to the prison again. This bug also means that they cannot pick up the criminal items, as they are locked to prisoners. This is easily reproducible.

-Warden spawns in a cell?
NOT A VERY REPRODUCIBLE BUG. Occasionally, when I join as a warden, I will spawn in a cell at the cell block. This has happened three times, all three when the status was on cell block. I believe it has something to do with joining defaulting to prisoner (again, may just be mobile, or I may simply be incorrect), but I can’t be sure, because it is very hard to reproduce.