Court for trial for Players accused for Abuse of Power

I believe that Stateview Prison needs a trial court, which can try accused players for any kind of abuse. The Court System shall be independent and must consist of a small jury and a powerful judge(most probably the head of development of the game). Jury is randomly selected, which can vote on a judgement for the accused player. This will make game more interesting as there will be new roles and a real-time court with proper trial. I sugest it should be added in-game or another game can be made, just like Stateview QUiz Center

Uh idk but we already have appeals staff

I think appeals staff is sufficient, unless it’s a very high ranked player/staff member/user

Why not just report to an in game CAC+ or if its un available report in administration?

We already have something for that, i cant tell what it is though

Forget, or secret/Private/department work?

You could way secret ir classified.

What did you just say. Re-read what you typed.

Not hard to understand, say and or