CP apps = no no

I believe that Chairperson should be earned the same as any rank. If it is not earned, then we will have a bunch of bogeys spamming applications and begging to get promoted. Also another concern of mine, who’s gonna read these applications??? There’s like 3k SI’s and I can guarantee that most of them, including some ranks lower than SI will try their luck with the applications. There won’t be enough people to read all the applications and allowing people to apply to get a rank instead of earning it with good stats will result in a decrease in professionalism and overall less efficient sessions. Another issue that CP applications create is that in the case that a bunch of people DO get promoted to CP, sessions will likely be spammed in almost every server, and when sessions are hosted is when criminals escape and destroy servers and the game’s player count. The “solution” for this is to increase the duration of srlock, though that would result in a lot of people not being able to complete their quota because of timezones and would also slowly kill off the playercount as people would keep getting staff warned and demoted. It’s not that difficult to get to CP so why waste time and money on creating applications for it? Thoughts?


Adding onto this, if it’s really neccesary for a lot of people to get Chairperson, then just increase the amount of inspections that can be hosted per week and maybe have a monthly planner for when they will happen.


yea i agree random SI’s are gonna try get CP via apps and get it and have no idea what they are doing without any experience on helping/co-hosting

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101% agreed. Community management would be super busy because everyone will be spamming tons of shifts in every server without decent quality and it would just make the rank worthless since no matter how hard the form is you can just look up answers and get CP, instead of actually putting in the hard work and the effort to get the rank.

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Assuming the app is a Google form, you can make it so that it won’t let them submit if one of the questions does not meet certain criteria. Ex: If hours played is not greater than or equal to 100, then do not let them submit.