CP Callsign To be changed

So this was not my idea but I took the idea off of IIBandit_law so credits to them… The Commander and the Chairperson Callsign is the same letter “C” As many players through my 20 of being CP thought that I was a commander from that callsign… e.g “C78” and then you never know does the player mean a commander or a CP… Good Idea would be to change the Callsign in to CP e.g “CP78”

Sighed: skoseck CP

Credits for IIBandit_law

100% agree
This sometimes gets confusing with COMM’s and CP’s

Yeah, it is confusing. I have confused Commanders with Chairpersons before lol.

I would like this to not be dead… lol

Oh yea tbh that is kinda annoying for COMM and CP having the same callsigns