CP Gamepass Changes

Ok CP Gamepass can be still ok but since there is AA People Everyone think to remove the gamepass but I think we should still THink about how much money they spent to buy CP so The suggestion is People that buy CP gamepass can be able to host sessions but with CAC+ Supervisor and cant use any Commands.

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Who tf would buy it then? I never saw any rank buyer (only 1) who actually hosted. They buy it to just get commands


if they host session and cac realise he is very good he will be a official cp and can use cmds

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Nobody would ever buy it and no CAC would notice them as nobody wants to host when buying the gamepass


yea no idea but this suggestion is a way to block AA

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What is CP? im new around here and would like to know what CP is im trying to get FD

If you dont know what CP is dont try to get FD, learn about the game first.

What i mean is im not new to the game im new to the Forums also i now know what CP means but does anyone know how to get FD?

To get CP you first have to become warden, then, get noticed by a CAC+, they will promote you to CP, then, be active and host often and a CAC+ can promote you to FD

also do FD and CP have different commands

No they don’t last time I checked.

They arent really that much aa

HMMMM… the only problem here is that NO ONE will buy that gamepass.

Ok so CP Cannot host trainings but FD Can host trainings

Yes, thats right. Have a cookie :cookie:

Lol is this like a forum moment like roblox has?

What do you mean with forum moment?

Where something happens that’s from a user that’s weird or funny
like a Roblox moment