CP gamepass changing

I suggest to delete CP gamepass because many CPs buyers just doesnt know rules and they kick for : cuff rush , being annoying , entering cameras room. These buyers not always are none knowing rules but some of them are like CO or MO ( sometimes knows rules but sometimes not) . When deleting CP gamepass everyone would get to know with discord channel and with rules that will help with abusers more than buying rank and helping abusers ( even becoming them).


Hello there,

First of all, there is nothing wrong with cuff rushing and entering camera room. But I agree with the part of not selling it anymore. I am tired of CP telling me to do things that I shouldnt do and making me call them sir (even when they just buy the gamepass).

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

I do agree on this. It isnt that hard to work up to Chairperson, and it is annoying.

8 Months Later, in a galaxy far far away…

Look at the date last replied before you come to add your opinion, stop reviving posts dead by 8 months.

Cuff rushing is not a thing lol.

Thats what he was saying but ok