CP+ shouldnt be able to get Votekicked

I think CP+ or atleast FD+ shouldnt be able to get Votekicked because most of the time its VKA. They cannot even do anything about it outher then record it, and report the user. For example, in the last days I got 3 times falsely votekicked only because I do my job and warn abusers or remove them from the server. And also Hosts from Sessions get votekicked for no reason at all.

Please state your opinion in the replies!

Signed, xXLucazXx - Chairperson.

Yes, but you dont even need to record lol, VKing any CP+ is ALWAYS considered VKA, so just get a pick of the vk and report

I know, but it is just annoying in my opinion.

I would type “!rejoin” if i am getting false vote kick.

Thats avoiding a punishment in various means and you can still be banned, even if you were VKAed.

I 100% agree with this. Not even an hour after i got promoted to CP i got votekicked for “Cuff abuse and letting inmates out” I joined that server 2 minutes before that. Never even used my cuffs.

Facility director

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I got votekicked, because officers could not stop me when I was shooting as an inmate. So Warden had enough of this and decided to votekick me.

Well then wardens have a reason to s ban you?