Crashing after catching a crim/inmate

  • Description: Getting kicked/crashing after catching an inmate on top of the towers, this is really annoying if you dont want to arrest them (for RP or if they have a gun) This isnt a major bug but it still can be pretty annoying.
  • How often does it occur: When an inmate goes up the ladder and you catch him
  • Where does it occur: On every watchtower
  • How to reproduce: Catch an inmate on top of the watch towers.
  • Video showing the bug: The game crashed at the end

Ok first congrats on getting CP but on the post you said

And then later you said

Which makes no sense but this seems really annoying.

Ooops, im so dumb, I meant towers not showers. But thank you!

Oh, and what I forgot to say is, sometumes roguard even kicks you. It happenef to me once and I dont think roguard will ban you but its still possible. Idk tho

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It’s not really a bug… it’s the bug inside the GAME (Stateview Prison) that caused the crash. When your game just goes crazy, no matter what game that you’re playing, sometimes the CPU usage reaches very high, it causes the game to crash.

Well, at least you’ve reported a teleporting issue when cuffing an inmate while on top of a tower! I’ve experienced that a lot of times. However, my game never crashed for that reason. :confused:

I know its because my game couldnt handle it. At first I wanted to show that roguard kicks you for it but as my game crashed before I just submitted this. If I find another inmate there and ro guard kicks you I will upload it here.