Create a different role for terminations

Create a new role for terminations that is called termination security inmate (or something like that) because some people they think that it’s only a suspension but they wait like 3 months and still haven’t got it removed, this below is on the group wall

They think it’s a suspension when actually it’s a termination

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Not much need really you can just wait about a week and then you can tell if you got suspended or termed.

Also it would be confusing because it might be like being g banned because if your inmate instead of being termed you would be g banned and “terminated security inmate” might sound like inmates who go g banned.

But people not in dizzy might not know that, there’s once this SSI that complained to me about waiting 1 month for a suspension to be over and I told him it was a termination he still didn’t understand

Your sentence does not make sense, restarting restarting in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0, restarted

I am agreeing on this

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