Create a ping role called "Sessions"

This would be a self added role such as events and giveaways. It would be used when a session was being hosted, to notify those who want to attend. This would be very useful.


This is about your bio. You’re a prison inspector, please don’t fake your rank.

Just turn on notifications for all messages in #:alarm_clock:sessions.

Sorry what happened was I got promoted in a shift and then the promotion got denied and I was put back to PI. Sorry forgot to change it.

Everyone was promoted in one of the shifts, so leadership made a decision to cancel the promotions.

You won’t get pinged if you turn all messages on in sessions.

You will if you are set to online or idle, and have your push notifications enabled. As long as the channel notification setting is set to “All Messages”, then you will get a push notification whenever a message is sent in the channel.

I know how to and I did but the problem is it doesn’t show the notification I only hear it.

This doesn’t help, it plays a sound or nothing st all and it doesn’t work wiht mobile notifications because of the server size.