Create Cadet rank to people pass the test instead of CO

They should add a rank called “Cadet” that is give to the people who pass the test as giving them full CO powers are abit annoying. The is to many CO who do cuff abuse and kill people in showers all because they just aren’t educated enough. I think this is realistic as the is so many trainings that they could easily move up if they truly wanted to. Also at anyone time the would essentially be enough other ranks to take over prison situations.


Id say if u pass the CO quiz u should only get a taser

And no cuffs. (Maybe create a pepper spray so they can only use that)

We should also add a super pepper spray to PI+, it insta kills anyone and it has a 50 stud range.

Anyways, I agree it’s too easy to get a lot of power. The the quiz needs to be revamped completely or removed with Tryouts being re-added.

Yes and also this will ensure that we have more capable people in other ranks as they get educated at a early stage and they get no bad habits.

Bruh what

That would be way too op

Yes and a grenade launcher for warden+ that kills anyone in a 80 studs range and adds a 2 minute respawn timer.

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Oh I forgot it also automatically arrests criminals.

When all of us don’t realize its a joke LMAO

Anyways it should instantly arrest every crim in the server :troll:

Yes. I think this would be an amazing idea.

But seriously, OC spray would be a nice idea, as the only non-lethal method to take a prisoner down is the taser.

With the cadet rank, before rez was banned, the cadet rank was a thing, I’m pretty sure the only things they got were OC and cuffs. But this could be a good idea.

tbh in this game it is ok for this game just don’t make it that every rank have different trainings like another prison type game (which is ded for the moment but will re-release soon)

Cuffs need to be off the table now as to many are just keeping people in cuffs for over 15 minutes.

maybe remove the guns, keep the taser and cuffs just that it is impossible to not have abuse and expect for others to help so maybe just remove guns cuz that is really stupid for cadets as it is ez to get

I will not budge on the handcuffs

Hmm yes, most COs are kinda shy

I’ve never witnessed it, but in rez’s, you had to tryout for the cadet role.

Cadet should get cuffs with instinct arrest only and taser.

I don’t know about this because the hole reason the pass the CO test is to become a CO