Create more guidelines on general gameplay things

I see a lot of people being unsure about what to do in certain cases, do the wrong thing or just not knowing who to ask / where to look, so they just do what seems the best option for them; For example, people putting inmates in Max instead of Solitary when they need solitary.

I think there should be more general guidelines covering most of the procedures such as when using lethal force on an inmate, reasons to put someone to solitary/maximum security, what does the lockdown mean and when should it be activated, what is the criteria to cuff someone etc.

These are things most experienced people in Stateview know and asking someone will probably answer your question, but for new players who don’t know anything and would like a general overview on things this can be great, also, think about people who buy ranks and are afraid to ask because as a “”“high rank”“” (Considered by normal players) they think they will be judged and don’t want to appear in a certain way.

I think that if this gets added it would be a great addition.


You’ve got a point, but at the same time people should know better. When we train people we usually use these types of scenarios. It’s a training which mean we are teaching them how to handle certain situations. Therefor they should know better.

But take a CAO-ERT for example, most of them haven’t attended a training before. So maybe there should be signs in MAX and SOL containment of where to put them, but not more than that.

It’s not the people doing the trainings never tell you what to fix

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I understand what you mean, but consider all cases: Maybe someone played 1 year ago and when he decided to come back he doesn’t remember things, or maybe, the rules changed, a guideline is beneficial in this case. Also, I don’t get your point of signs for Solitary or Max, that isn’t the only problem, I’ve seen CAO all the way up to W use the electric chair because an inmate escaped, or killing inmates who cross the red line instead of cuffing them. All sorts of problems such as these ones cause discomfort during gameplay, and a guideline would fix most of them.

(Also consider people who think something is right so they tell others to do it and the word gets spread so everyone does that, if it’s against the rules it causes a lot of reports etc. Preventing this is way better.)

No but there is a reason why we fail people. We fail them so they can try again another time, and make it right another time.

Makes sense. Contact either @SirYeet or @Trey about it.