Criminal radio chat

When you escape I think you should be able to use a criminal radio (like the guards) this would make it more fun and challenge the guards more! Otherwise when a criminal you are on your own most of the time and its boring unless you just come across another criminal by luck

Hello that is a great idea… Or you should get the Gards keycard… If you click f they should add a knock out. Exp: Click F and knocked out. And they should make a grevillea team… And when you on that team add a Phone and you can call, Text, Call emergency. And add a emergency team. Like Sitting at the desk doing emergency calls.

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A lot of the original post and comment were great ideas, but I think adding civilian teams, emergency dispatch, etc. would make the game more like a full-world RPG with extra focus on prisons, which I don’t think the devs are going for.

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