Criminal radio when in game

Have a criminal radio so they can plan/ prepare for a riot to boost RP as they do have this is real life. There should also be an addition to have your own “gang” in Stateview just like ERLC does and the criminal radio you can switch to have it with your “gang”


Yea, it’d be easier to communicate mainly during raids

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I agree, criminals need a way to communicate with other criminals, not just a random attack on the prison.

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Just make your own mafia and control the prison.

Well it would also have to be fair for the officers because it’s really unfair because they can say in crim radio if the crims have squads or smth Squad 5 Go to yard it would be unfair so why not make it so officers can buy a Crim radio where they can see the crims chat but cannot chat in it so it’s at least fair

bro what. officers have a radio already and it aint unfair for the officers :skull: :clown_face:

No i mean like they can plan a huge raid but the officers would know nothing and a lot of criminals and few officers that’s a nightmare

That will be really bad if cops would buy a crim radio it will be not Rp