Criminal & Stateview mobile revamps

  Stateview is a nice game, but the constant raids and pay to win inmates have made it hard for us to play the game. Criminals get unlimited life's, and can just raid and reek havoc on the server. The mobile controls are horrible, we can barely shoot while running. So, we can try to find ideas on how to revamp Stateview. Number 1: Only give criminals 3 life's. Number 2: Make the fire button invisible. Number 3: Re-add the sprint button, and NO SPRINT LOCK, it's easy for PC but hard for mobile to deal with. Number 4: When criminals use there last life, they automatically get sent to Solitary Confinement. Number 5: Staff spawns should have a barrier that protects us from Criminals spawn killing us, as well add one at the Vote-kick rooms, since sometimes I still see staff abusing. Number 6: Jump cooldown limit of 5 seconds. Those are my suggestions bon how to make Stateview better.

WHA- I cant read a single word, its weird formated. I mean I can read it but im too lazy.

Its annyoing to read. But yeah, you should let PC players handle the raids, when I play on mobile I only do stuff where I talk to people and transport them to statuses.

Me + some noobs can easily stop basically any raid

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Criminals dont get unlimited lives, and putting them in solitary as a criminal is a violation of the New Life Rule

Criminals do have unlimeted lives???

Everybody does lol