Criminal Weapons suggestions

The removal and replacement of AK 47 is unreasonable. I know the criminals are OP with the AK because they know how to use it, but an SMG against an M4A1??? SMG is no match for M4A1. M4A1 is an OP weapon with very less recoil and damage is too much. I suggest to buff the MP5 since you will get destroyed by ERTs with M4A1.

I suggest increasing damage and remove more bullets from a mag to keep it balanced. I have played police team after this, update, and criminals having such a tough time to kill me with an SMG, and it is so easy to arrest them, please buff the MP5 to make it more balanced, or just bring back the AK.

Reduce the M4A1 damage if none of these suggestions gets approved. The police team has such a huge advantage, through numbers and communication via radios, and now the criminals are weak with an SMG against a rifle. AK is a default crim weapon, you shouldn’t replace it with something that overall sucks at fighting a bunch of M4A1 ERT’s users. Please look forward to this, sorry if I was a bit aggressive, I have met a lot of criminals siding with my suggestion. Lastly MP5 is a very good gun, BUT no match of a god dang M4A1 rifle.

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