Criminals can't go into Spawns (ERT, CF and Medical)

Make something that Criminals can’t get into Spawns, they spawn kill it would be good. I got 5 Minutes spawn killed

They can’t go into the spawns.
They can’t open the Spawn doors.
If they enter, they get respawned

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Agreed, but making the same for criminals may be good too. Also, for better preformance and to prevent all camping when they get near just reset them.

No, some crims use the M4A1 as a weapon, I would do it so if theys stay longer than 1 min, they get kicked from the server. After that they arent crims anymore of course. Ro-guard could probably easily implement this.


Love this idea! I think it should also apply to inmates as well, but I know they have the option for inmates to run in and get a gun. I still often see both criminals and inmates spawn camping officers. Maybe if an inmate walks in with a weapon out or pulls out a weapon in the officers spawn, they get reset.

I disagree. Some may be happy with the AKM but I am not. I want to shoot people, not the roof. The AKM just isn’t very good at mid to long range.

Let criminals go into spawns but cannot deal damage to guards who are still in spawn

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