Ctild/Calasay's Administration is FRAUD!

Ctild/Calasay’s Administration is FRAUD!

As seen, the campaigning to elections have began in which this administration has been seeking to tarnish the other opponents in which they come across. This is not accidental, but more purposeful, allowing them to rise as a strategy to convince others of why to not pick there opponents against them. The administration of Calasay has been seen to be fluently toxic to other people in a unprofessional matter. I ask that people take a second to review the following piece of information representing the acts of Calasay’s Administration;

This following piece of evidence depicts his supporter’s remarks to me, FNTJoshyy calling me a “retard”. This is highly unprofessional and would you like a Governor that bluntly allows his supporters to hate on other candidates as seen by this picture.

Now for evidence #2 where Calasay is asked by me regarding his previous BL over abusing moderation permissions. He starts by stating that the propaganda made by my administration is false besides ‘reason #1’ which I continue on showing him that he maybe suggesting that our developer d pimpy, otherwise known as 4D_X is a LIAR. I highly doubt myself that an executive like 4D, whose been in the group for ages will falsely blacklist someone as a “misunderstanding” in which there is proof of this abuse that I found classified to Discord Moderation and Executives only.

The following is Calasay, and his supporter Avertible claiming a picture of Jimmy endorsing me within my server is “AI Generated” with much disrespect being shown as a result. Calasay goes onto say that I told jimmy to send the image of my campaign-art which is 100% untrue as seen below.

Including this evidence to add to the claim above as being disrespectful and ridiculing others.

When my administration received a fact check proving something we said as false, the Calasay Administration and Pzi Administration was both somewhat being immature about it.

He was also breaking a election rule as seen here.


Last thing I’ll like to mention is his acts in which led to his blacklist infractions. This user has been racist, homophobic, and administratively abusive of his powers. Here is some stuff in which I am permitted in disclosing to public only. Other bits of evidence is classified to Discord Moderation and Executives.

How did bro find all of that bros a detective

Agreed bro works for CIA and FBI.


bro makin stories that ppl ain’t gonn read :joy_cat::joy_cat::pray:

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Calasay just got exposed big time

aint no way blud just got exposed that bad :skull:

blud just got exposed to the 3rd degree :pray: :skull: