Cuff balance and improvements

1- If you are higher rank than other player you can take the cuffed inmate from him example: im warden and i can take the inmate from DW because he abuse/other reason (just to avoid cuff abuse) this ability starts from warden+ or superintendent+ .
2- CAC cant cuff higher rank example: im CAC cant cuff PC+, Im PC can`t cuff BOG+…etc (this ability starts from CAC+ i think it will add more realism and roleplaying will improve .
these are my suggestions.

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I like this suggestion. One thing I am wondering though. Can CAC cuff higher ranks when they play as inmate?

  1. What if people think you cuff abuse, when they didn’t and the inmate should go to Solitary for pulling out a lethal weapon?
  2. I like the idea

Any officer can cuff inmates.
If you mean can CAC cuff PC+ yes CAC can.

We should know the reason and make sure that inmate doesnt deserve that,also we are seeing alot of abuse but we cant deal with it, one more thing the ability for W+ or SI+ so they are expected to know the rules.

Yh, but what if you don’t see them pull out the gun cause you are looking elsewhere…

10/10 Agree with Suggestion.

SI - Smitty82500

I totally agree with suggestion and it should be implemented in the game, 10/10

SI ~ ZorroGaming11