Cuff logging Sugguestion

I will be suggesting ways to catch cuff abusers and track cuffs without a view command
please debate and reply to suggest what I could change to make this a better suggestion.


Cuff logs much like chatlogs would allow DW+ to view who cuffed who.
Now exactly what layout and what does it display simple rules will be shown to know who and when it happened Toolholder, Cuffed, Date, Status.
Toolholder being the person holding the cuffs and, cuffed being the one who was detained. Date will display when it happened which will help DW+ find if an abuser was actually guilty based on the proof and time an inmate provided, Lastly and not least Status I kinda feel status logs of when it changed and all the above would also assist to figure out if it was an escort also location. Continuing Status I am a scripter and it’s kinda easy to pass a value into an invisible part signaling when a person enters and exits it and returns a value location.

  • I support this Idea
  • I don’t support this idea
  • I would be fine with it or without
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