Cuff Reset Fix!

I would love for the game to have an update where inmates could not reset while in cuffs, And/Or In their cells. I’ve experienced many bad situations And having to cuff people, And bring them to fro example solitary. With most of them resetting themselves from the cuffs, Making the experience Not fun, And very annoying of play. This would make the use of cuffing people so much easier, and i would love for this to be in the game, As it would give such a better experience to all players!

People can’t reset in cuffs… do you mean using res?

If you see anyone doing this get the player that you wanted to put in max/sol and record a video or a screenshot (screenshot is way harder as you have a timewindow of less than a second) and send it in intel

How are people disappearing in my cuffs then, If they are not resetting? They did not leave, As 3 seconds later, I see them again.

Rejoining, reseting wirh gamepass, leaving and rejoining manually.

They can use the res command as mentioned in the post.