Cuffing Rank based

Cuff Abuse…
We all know that the cuffs are buggy and correctional officers and people who don’t read the rules just abuse their power with them, but I’m suggesting a system where higher ranks such as Commanders+ can take cuffed players from correctional officers. This could put quick ends to abuse, right?

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Yes, but not commander, wardens better, as any other rank is easy to get.

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you didn’t saw that ok anyways why

Agreed, @Pixzel you are really overestimating commanders, 80% of the commanders abuses. Tbh, i just think wardens should be able to take over any cuffed inmate from PI and under without that person having to press release.

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Or make it so there’s a time limit in the cuffs like you could press e to try and break free, and after you break free, you can go.

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Agree with time but not break free.

Several good ideas, it should definetly be set so only DW or Wardens can do this but its mostly CO’s abusing on random alts

make it PI+ there are a lot of commanders that abuse cuff same for correctional staff

I think it’s good for DW+ because they can already vote kick so i think they are trustful for it.

Hello there,
I like your suggestion, but it will be abused. Maybe FD+ or CAC+ should be able to cuff other staff. But it’s still not a good idea, as the HR+ just will cuff each other & their friends. LR+ will just cuff random people.

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