Cuffing Staff Members

Before in the 500k update High Command were able to cuff staff. They should bring this back because it helps us to stop someone you’re talking to get away or to deal with someone. Also this may sound a bit silly but to get people into a wedge better. Nowadays people can’t really wedge.


No they hi command has a better option killing them.

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How we meant to talk to them if they’re dead

Your not. Gimmiemorecharacters.

But that was the purpose of the cuffing update

I know that it was.


Killing staff useless asf bro that doesnt even help us at all

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I know it’s useless that is exactly why it was implemented.

It helps for dismissing staff.

That would be abuse technically. You gotta dismiss per commands if they refuse to leave

Nope it is a NEW way to dismiss people from SR.

If they want to fall out you can just kill them.

No, just no to this idea. I have been on many servers where this is a thing, and it leads to 1 or many things.
These things include:

  1. Abusive staff members
  2. Bullying
  3. Idiots abusing their high-rank privileges
  4. makes people want to kill themselves when the higher ranks abuse this
  5. Just the end of another game on Roblox due to this easily abusive gameplay/mechanic being added.
    Don’t want this, just let the game be how it is without this idea, please, the game is fine as is without this.

It worked before and youre overracting by far

Thats very overreacted and this feature id actually useful

I 100% disagree, it in my opinion makes servers not fun, and even worse, besides, these people get kicked after 3 warnings anyways.

Just saying
Only high command has this power

And barely any CAC+ abuse, and even if they do it’s by accident

Wtf are you talking about. I don’t know what staff are abusing this. All CAC+ have been set as that rank for several reason. They aren’t given for free. Many things including activity and respect and other things. This is ONLY for CAC+ which is High command. No one would abuse this. And also you’re overreacting too much. This feature is very useful.

Says the person who got a rank from trey ( not saying anything ).

try playing other games with this feature, such as papers please, and others like it, there fun but you will see what I am message I am trying to get to you guys, and maybe I was overreacting a little so sorry bout that

From what I’ve seen in this discussion, I don’t see how it would be abused. CAC are very trustworthy from my understanding, and it could be useful to quickly shut down someone who might be abusing tools or something.

I’m happy to take criticism tho

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