Cuffs System for DW+

Do that Deputy Warden+ can cuff lower staff like prisoners, but for button do « Release » ; « Warn » ; « Remove Team »

Warn do a warning visible by all, after 3 warn do an automatic kick.

Remove Team do that the selected staff can’t team him self back in ERT/ Corrextional Officer but only on the current server.


That would lead to many, many kick abuse, the appeals team on discord is not that strong to handle that many reports I think.

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Hello @Allyrex_UwU . I really like the idea but it would lead to like 100 appeals on the Discord and the appeals is nowhere near that capacity. Here is what I am thinking about the system.

  1. CO - Inmates
  2. ERT - Inmates
  3. COMM - CO
  4. PI - CO, and MO.
  5. DW - CO, MO, ERT
  6. W - CO, MO, ERT,
    And when I said “Inmates”. I meant people on the inmate or criminal team.
    MO should have their cuffs removed.

I think there should not be removed team and only warden+ can have it and can use it on DW-

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Only W+ may use it. Commands are: Warn, Release, Votekick. I put votekick because it is annoying where you have to go to the high command offices to votekick when you just saw them in the cafe. You still need a reason though. And if the player leaves the game in cuffs, They will be suspended from the police team for 1 hour.


if they added it it would only be somthing like cac+ but i do like the idea

I think 3 warning should not kick them but instead ask you whether or not you want to start a vote-kick and whats the reason. There should be no changes to the current cool-down for vote-kick (60 seconds)

Well that would be a lot of abuse on top of the kill abuse that’s already going on so yeah sorry

Should be W+ or even SI+, but not CP+. This would reduce the abusing.

No need to revive a dead post from almost 2 years ago.