Data Issue: Level reset

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: I haven’t played Stateview for a long time, and if I am correct, Roblox had some data issues some time ago, and probably for that reason, my level was reset to 0 (I played the game for a while before reporting the bug so I achieved level 3). Unfortunately, I don’t have any proof unless there is some report that I’ve made before that data issue. The only thing I have that I think could be used as a proof is my rank as a Prison Inspector. I don’t remember my past level, so if I could just get the level when you get Prison Inspector I would be really glad. (Also as you can’t really buy the rank of Prison Inspector I also hope that helps to prove I actually achieved the level to achieve the rank).

  • How often does it occur: One time only I guess, when Roblox had that data issue.

  • Where does it occur: In-game levels.

  • How to reproduce: Unless Roblox has some other date issue, it can’t be reproduced if I’m correct.

  • Device: PC

  • Console log: Screenshot - 43c14e9b57ddb57c3090ccfb23142158 - Gyazo

  • Video showing the bug: Data bug - YouTube

Adding proof for him, the newest session pic I could find is this one with him being level 9.

This has happened to me too, I used to be level 114 but I got reset and now am level 40. However this most likely happened during a Lexicon raid, and you were able to claim it back in the intel server for a certain amount of time. However, since I was in a blacklisted group at that time I wasn’t aware of the raid so yeah.

Try to DM a developer about it, if you have valid proof of your level before the raid, you may be able to get it back.