Death Row + Executions

Mostly intended for RP purposes.

Add a death row for inmates/criminals who prove to be extremely dangerous & committed major crimes such as multiple counts of murder, forcing entry on federal grounds, abetting a criminal, etc. Upon being detained & placed, their uniform will change to plain white with a “DEATH ROW” logo typed on their back.

There should be a corridor dedicated for this, an extension located on the upper floor of the Maximum Security block. Containing about eight secure & inescapable cells, the inmate will be placed in there about every cell block period, until the end of the day after lunch, where they receive their last meal of what they desire.

From there, the inmate will be sent to the death chamber to be executed. Here are the best-preferred methods:

Electric Chair: Basically, this death punishment still exists in the U.S. despite the overhaul of this gruesome method in 1990. Since we don’t have blood in game, this technically is safe to be added - although, the devs will need to be careful adding the after-effects of getting nearly a thousand volts into the brain.

Shooting Squad: Inmate is strapped down into a chair & is to be fired upon by individuals behind a wall opening, who are armed with semi-automatic rifles. I’d say that’s one hell of a way to go, but since to the set overall circumstances of proper precautions, it’s safe under Roblox’s ToS.

Here are the reasons why I’ve avoided other death penalties:
Gas Chamber: Although it still exists in our world, it uses specific drug agents which paralyze & suffocate inmates, eventually killing them overtime. Slightly in the grey area, but it may potentially break Roblox’s ToS use of drugs in any form.

Hanging: Containing a rare presence in the United States, inmates have the noose tied around their necks, before promptly being hung after the fake platform is released. This is in the grey area, as Roblox’s ToS isn’t specific enough about extreme violence. This can still be considered, however.

Lethal Injection: That’s an instant no, due to the use of drugs. Any associations related to that breaks Roblox’s ToS, resulting in repercussions.

What do y’all think?


I think it is a good idea though I’m pretty sure there are young kids playing this game and they might get scared and stuff. So I think there should be a warning sign outside the death row area saying that people should enter at their own risk.

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I think it should be electric chair, like in v1


Also, what will happen after they die. I suggest getting kicked. Also it should be only warden+ can enter the death row room and have to be with a cp+

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This is a pretty good idea. I would agree with avoiding the other penalties. I’m just a bit concerned as to the Shooting Squad part as even if it’s allowed under Roblox ToS, parents may be afraid of the content their children are looking at. This game (or experience) is practically inside a platform with many children that are under 13 and may not have the authorization to look at such content by a guardian or parent.

Sorry, but most of this most likely breaks the ToS and will get the group locked. Electric Chair: Possibly allowed but really all you can do is just kill the player, no after- effects. Shooting Squad: Could be used. As really FPS games are shooting squads. Hanging: Nope, nope, nope, hanging is a very violet way to kill someone and is in breach of the ToS. Though really, Death Row and executions as a whole are a highly controversial matter and most likely shouldn’t be added.

I agree, there are a lot of countries (including mine) were there is no death row, and ofcourse, as a 14 years old I really wont care about seeing it, in my opinion it would be a great feature, but as roblox is 3+ and there’ll be a lot of 7 years old in-game I don’t think it should be added again

@FallenNotebook @Blub20074 the game already had guns, and v1 had a electric chair. Whats the difference in guards shooting them normally, or guards shooting them as a “punishment”

There is a difference between an execution and being in a firefight, the prisoner is unarmed and has no way of escaping, your question is the same as; whats the difference between fighting someone who is fighting you too, or punishing someone who cant do anything and is tied to the wall

I guess, but if parents are ok with guns, they will be ok with that too

Which is why I mentioned the stuff “Why I didn’t want to add”.

Besides, it may be controversial but loopholes are technically legal & circumventing it in a way that was not intended by the regulators or legislators that Roblox placed.

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Unfortunately, the United States is a death-penalty country. Others may not have it, but it’s pretty much true & realistic. The best I can recommend is the electric chair or firing squad, as they’re less likely to break ToS.

As for an unarmed prisoner being shot by a squad, I’d like to remind you that we’re talking about dangerous individuals who’ve murdered at least multiple people, maybe with the total disregard of life in roleplay reasons.

It’s a tit for tat, honestly.

This would be pretty cool and it should be intent for RP purposes only. I could see being put possibly into V3 or something like that. there may be abusers and things like that with it but it would be good for RP. But this could also be very controversial so it is more like a 30% chance of being added.

Death row class they should also add a sign please be with a adult when watching. 13+ is allowed to go in at their own risk but if they are younger they will be removed by the staff watching the room if they are too scared.

Maybe there should be a bot, checking if the user has safechat, becuase if they have that they are under 13.

the only problem is that only roblox will know because the bot can kick anyone that has tags in the chat which will not be good.

No, thats not true. If you do the commands “info” with some admins, you can see if they have safechat. There must be a way they can do it.

low chance but they can try to do that

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That’s not the greatest thing, many players are over 13 years of age but didn’t know about safechat at the time of making their account. It’s also common to not give your birthday to sites you have no idea about. So some people are now 2 years old. :(((

Loopholes, I’d suggest not getting into loopholes and all that stuff as the ToS changes and if Roblox finds out a loophole, they could possibly patch it and boom, the game breaks the ToS without notice.