Death strike system for criminals

One of the biggest problems I have with the game is that criminals just respawn when killed with no consequences. This makes lethal force pretty much only useful on the people you don’t really need to use it on. (In most cases) I have came up with this system that punishes criminals for dying.

This image shows a system where I just died, and got 1 strike. Once you get 3 strikes, you will be set back to the inmate team.

I really hope system improves balance between criminals and officers.


Yep, I do agree. It was very annoying to have that and I think you should wait till V3. They may change it into better system, hopefully.

Same thing as modern keycard, I have to do tasks in order to open the doors and it took me sometime to complete. Sometime, I died because officer shot me and I cant see any sign… I’d rather old keycard and it was much easier to open doors.

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No because criminals kill each other sometiems and if you misshoot you die

No, as random cops already raid the crim base for no valid reason, why nerf the crims again? Also, it is EXTREMELY easy to die while being a crim, especially if your on your own.

I forgot to say this, but I wanted to make it so that it only gives a strike when a cop kills you, not a crim.