Delete Chairperson and Gamepass Admin gamepasses

So as we all know, there is gamepass rank called “Chairperson”
Why should it be deleted? At first of all, Someone who buys it isnt maybe in dizzy, so that gives more work to reforms team when they do reforms. Also some players who have bought this are abusing their powers. I remember when i was DW, there was one Chairperson who did host fake trainings, also that CP didnt know rules and abused “h” command. Some CP’s who buy this would really abuse this command. Also if they would delete it, then some suggestions maybe would accpected and also it would be much better without that gamepass rank in shop.

And we know too that there is Gamepass admin.
It should be deleted because simply some players who have bought it doesnt still know the rules and they abuse it a lot! I have seen much abuse with GPA. Also GPA has too much commands, they should delete it or take away many commands from it like “res” and “ref”.
CP/FD+ has to deal so much with these abusers!

Please say your opinion for these 2!

Signed - Henkka1981 - Chairperson

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Oh my god, use the search bar. Please. It is so simple.

There are so many requests for this, the answer is NO. The devs need to make money.

Or then, why dont they do own role, which doesnt have Admin commands but is able to do something.

The point is the admin role. Chairpersons commands arent too crazy so there isnt really anything bad about selling it, i have even seen a few good gamepass chairpersons. 3 ish right now ive seen that did good.

The gamepass sells really well so it wont be getting changed or removed any time soon.

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There are some people in this forums who have never played stateview.


Use the search bar. Also the main reason for this gamepass is for people to get to get a higher rank faster and so that the devs get more money for updating the game and being able to live life.


This can be proceed now since no CMDS FOR CHAIRPERSON LOL