Delete FD supervision limit

So as we all CP know, its so hard to get supervisior for shift. So thats why i’m suggesting to delete supervision limit from FD.
Some reasons: CP could find supervisiors much faster for their shifts. Also this would upgrade amount of hosts with CP and also FDs would get more activity. More shifts would be hosted and it would be easier to find supervisior, and you shouldnt wait for 20 minutes.
Write your opinion down!

  • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - CHAIRPERSON

They need a limit, without the limit FDs would probably supervise less, even maxing their quota now, say one shift is 30 minutes, that’s an hour 30 involved with sessions and no quota. I doubt they would spend time over that.

Then SVP could give 1 quota for supervising and place bigger quota requirement.

Even CACs just get .5 from supervising one training/shift. No way is it being upped to 1.