Delete translation for Spanish and other languages

People see translation of the game to their language and think they can talk in it, which they can’t. It is very annoying to tell people to talk in English, and they don’t stop and we need to unfortunatly punish them. Also a rule “You must speak in English at all times.” would be helpful. Also, translations are incomplete so useless.


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I disagree. People who speak Spanish would like to play as well! Imagine seeing a game in English only to play and see people speak Spanish. But you really like the game. So you keep playing and use google translate to communicate.


But it’s not allowed to talk in Spanish in game, it’s only English as it is international language.

well there are 2 options 1 do it lose many Spanish players 2 leave it alone that also wont work

Also the translation is incomplete, so it’s useless.

I think that rule only counts for discord

Hi! I’m Spanish, and… Well, I don’t agree with you at all, I understand that the game is in English and that therefore you have to speak in English, but that doesn’t mean there are other players from other countries, and if there is a concentration of people from the same country on a server, why can’t they speak their native language? Apart from the fact that everyone regardless of our nationality we like this game. Apart from the fact that English is the “world” language so to speak, it does not mean that everyone knows how to speak it, and that is no reason to deprive them of enjoying a game that has been created for everyone. Therefore you must think before speaking, and have empathy with others, it will be good for you :wink:.


Here is a list of the most spoken languages (Researched):
Chinese (Mandarin) with an estimated 1,205,000,000 speakers.
Spanish with an estimated 429,000,000 speakers.
And 3rd English with and estimated 428,000,000 speakers.

So really Mandarin should be considered the “world” language.

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But how many people CAN speak English? English quite an easy language to learn, and a lot of people can speak it. (Like me, im not a native English speaker, but my English definitely isn’t bad)

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Hi!I think that suggestion isnt a good suggestion because translations helps people who not speak English as vehicular language.In my case,im Spanish and i feel good with the Spanish translation(theres some translations to improve but its well enough).Also,there should be more languages translations like French,Italian,Russian,Polish,etc.So,in conclusion,translations are necesary and it not ruins the game.

I know how to speak Chinese (Mandarin) bitbi prefer to use english.

Dd3819, Warden

I agree, most of them think that they can say whatever they want and act like idiots since they say “sorry no English” and most of them cuff abusing and fully idiots anyway.

They can say that they dont speak english??? Like, you want to remove players who dont speak english completely??? If they abuse report them but dont be so biased against them.

Ok first off I’m sure they are not idiots, they probably just doesn’t understanding the rules because the rules are in English. Second if you try to speak with them in the language they know they actually give a decent reply. (I saw a person abusing and only knowing Chinese so I just went over and told them to stop and they did) Finally it’s not a persons problem to not know English, they probably grew up without it or some other reason.

Before we forget ROBLOX is a platform that welcomes everyone. Not just English speakers, banning them would make the game look childish and it would be unfair.

It’s really not. It’s actually one of the hardest languages to learn for people learning a second language.

I can say its easier then both french and german, and there are way more ways of learning it then other languages (eg discord)

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The rules only apply to discord server, If you’re talking ingame in others language it okay but in Session Room you must speak english that all.

maybe make a decision in the menu where they can search for servers to play in for ex: a guy who speaks spanish play the game the first server they are in are mostly english servers, if they want other language server press the server changer then choose the language they want, so then they will be transported to a spanish only server. Idk if this idea is good or not but i just want to state my opinion. (sorry if there’s a lot of grammatical errors)

So… You know about Discord rule (Speak English only)? And the reason for this rule ingame the same: Mods should see perfectly clean when someone disrespects others, to punish them properly.


Your point of view is logic and good, but what to do if you dont know on which language to translate and your collocutor does not make contact for any reason (absolute no English knowledge, or just ignorance)? I mean there is only couple of exits: Admin gamepass with chatlogs perms, or hope that Google/DeepL translator will be able to recognise language (some languages almost impossible to translate without chatlogs perms because you dont have correct language packet). Mods, cuz of mostly speaking English (as I said in another reply), wont clearly see if someone breaks a rule (Example: You say someone to stop, and he answers for example on Arabic.)