Departmental Fixtures

Hello all fellow Stateview Corporation Staff

I am WyeCrxst a Chairperson [CP] here at this facility.

Now, you may be wondering what the point of this conversation is. Well, it is in relation to some departments. Especially Events Team. Now, as you all know, there are many Stateview content creators. Many of these content creators are giving guides or support to specific videos. Most of the time, I usually see Staff hosting sessions and/or co-hosting. These videos are really interesting but kinda entertaining.

So, getting to the point, I really mean making Events Team a division of a new department. I have thought of many names and ideas and have come to a solution. This new department can be named SMT (Support & Media Team). This department prioritises in posting any fellow staff’s content such as their YouTube or any content such as.

So, as the department is called SMT, the Events Team can branch of that. If this does not appeal to you, post below your suggestions or ideas.


Nah, this rlly just seems like a dept that is just going to continuesly show random SV vids of ppl hosting

I understand your reasoning. Although, with that topic, this “SMT” team can also assist with any questions about staffing etc.

Media department was shut down because it sucked. No.

Alrighty. Thanks for your opinion. Appreciated.

Thats a whole different job, which has nothing do to with media though

Cm Or HRs can jusr do that

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I can agree with a Media Compliancy Team, but not a Support & Media Team. Compliancy would ensure SVP’s image remains good while posting content.

Wouldn’t public relations be more fitting? Public Relations could be responsible for managing allies, hosting events, promoting state view content etc. The term Public Relations seems to be more vague, and is often used it other groups.

We had that and maybe we still do idk if its shutdown or not but it never did anything


Events already host events

Pr probably wont have enough work to do