Departmental Ideas

Teams and In-Game Departments

My Ideas:

-Add Stations for each team. Emergency Response Team would have a heavy weapons training room, custom target ect.
-Add a medical department.(not medical OFFICER) For example, when an officer/inmate is downed, they would get a ping on their screen with their precise location and a timer. (Maximum 3 mins, minimum 25 Seconds.) when the time runs out, they die.

-Status revamp. Add a free time status, where there is a room that connects from Yard to CB ect.

  • Add break times. For example, during one status, one team has an optional break time where they can go to a staff room and drink coffee (which heals)

-When the break is over, the team should get a button to be teleported to the status. Another team then would get break.


These are decent @lescouse but I disagree with the breaks as all teams should be at all statuses cause ERT has M4A1 and CO doesn’t have it so ERT would need to respond

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