Development Suggestions

1. Mod cuffs for OC, in a riot OC try to cuff but they end up cuffing guards.
2. Zoom command in session roon, we try to see the criminal who is raiding but we can’t.
3. Fix the correctional team to use lockdown.
4. Give HR admin “bring” and “to” and “team” command.
5. Give CPs gamepass admin to contact their supervisor via pms.
6. Remove the “res” command cooldown, during a session call back we must res whoever not in the shift and it might be alot.
7. Rule for big avatars that hide username, team, level.

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Point 4 will never happen because of heavy risk of Admin Abusing (team) cmd since you can use it to team you into the HICOM team or OC Team its to risky

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Oops did number 4.

Give me em characterssssss