Did this even exist

I remember a certain feature but cant remember if it existed. I remember you used to have to type your rank code (MO, CO, COMM, PI, DW, W) When you joined the game as well as a number and it would show up in the radio.

did this actually exist or am i imagining things

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Yes, this feature did exist but got removed because people weren’t choosing professional call sights and they got a better method.

wdym by proffessional do you mean like 69 and stuff?

i remember i hated that because when i was comm or something it was bugged and always tagged but i found a glitch which made me not have to do it.

They sometimes used inappropriate words.

If it makes you any happy, with the reverting of the version in like June or July 2021, custom callsigns are back.

top 3 worst things

  1. this
  2. no notepad
  3. panic