Disable collision on arrested inmates

I apologize if this has already been requested but I couldn't find any topic talking about this.

Allow us to walk through arrested inmates.
I do not think any elaboration is necessary.

People should not be locked out of the Sessions Room or their spawn or any other room because an inmate or criminal decided to enter the room through the door.

I know this is a small thing but it really is not hard to implement.
Greekui9ii3 - Facility Director

Nope, bad suggestion. That means people can glitch inmates into areas even easier by just shoving them into the wall!

Nah, having them in the way when arrested is more realistic

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I am not aware how one could do that. An arrested inmate/criminal cannot be moved and players will still be solid when they are just cuffed.

What blue said is true but also it can be annoying if there are raids and you arrest an inmate by a door and you cant get through.

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@Blub20074 you got called “blue” LOL

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I meant blub automcorrect