Disabling update for RPC

Sometimes when a RPC is hosted and already on wave one cops are arresting criminals which is so annoying. Especially some late comers join and didn’t know it was a RPC. So I think CAC+ Should have an extra command that would disable cuffing for the sever so that no cops could arrest criminals on the first 2 waves. (They would need to enable the cuffing on wave 3)

I do agree, and this actually doesn’t seem that hard to script

You should still be able to cuff but do t arrest as we can put them in max cells during the first waves.

no offence but what’s an “rpc”?

RPC is a riot protocol, they are hosted by CAC+. It’s like a shift but with a lot of extra steps.

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They are allowed to put us in max on the first wave? I didn’t know. ;-;

No. Your not allowed to cuff during wave 1/2

They always say “Your allowed to pu them in max cwlls but NOT arrest”??? I may just be stupid but im pretty sure they always say that.

Um idk, i cant see it in the guide but as far as i know ur not allowed to

Hmm, maybe im wrong. Im not sure tho.