Do yall agree what the regulars are doing

If you’ve been reading the forums lately, you might have noticed that some of the regulars are creating CST and badges.[I don’t hate the QOTW’s] Do you think this is a good thing? I don’t think so. It looks like they’re abusing their privileges. I think some of our permissions should be removed, and we need rules for regulars.

  1. We never abused.
  2. CST is long gone. Have you ever noticed that?
  3. What do you mean by badges?

Also, you were part of CST as well so don’t complain.

I thought yall were gonna do smth good but I left the moment I found the truth.

What do you mean by that?

Also, what do you mean by this? ^

I mean this

This is just knock off forum badges

Badges are for the question week.

@jojoinzoravar Respond, please.

Still what do you mean by this.

@jojoinzoravar Respond, please.

Well yall kinda abused and did things like renaming posts to like “This user never used the search feature and made a dumb post” “allegedly”

That was happy not us at CST. We renamed topics to make them more clear. Like: new thing for MR to: New team for SI+ (MR).

By happy i mean @happyhappyhappy

Without the permission of the OP its better to ask the OP before changing their post.

We told the owners in our log that they can contact us or change it back.

Overall, we were helping while other corrupt regulars were disrupting the forums.

Stop trying to shift the blame on the other regulars and take responsibility for what you did, and remind you most of the ideas you did as a regular have been hated by the community.

yes but we were still helping. we stopped because the community was against us.
and we did nothing wrong and the only blame was not on us.

Nothing wrong?? You never asked the OP for permission to change posts and most people don’t know how to DM on the forums or how to change the title.

Just ask the OP before changing their post.

Just to make it clear. You, @jojoinzoravar were a part of CST and that will never change.