Do you like V1 or V2 better?

Which one do you like better?

Stateview V1 or V2
  • Stateview V1
  • Stateview V2
  • Niether but i can’t wait till V3

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Well, I am stuck with a glitch which won’t get me tools nor uniform.

I like v1 because that’s were I started but I got banned AND THEN I GOT PBANNED AGAIN IN V2 I GOT PBANNED my username is baconhairmannoobnu btw

Why did you get banned. If you think its not rightfull you can appeal.

V2 is good for mobile, V1 is just laggy. :pensive:

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Plus v1 is now payed, its kinda sad, a lot of people liked it.

I personaly think thats just wrong its a peice of history comming home from school going to trainings in V1 going to tryouts in V1 and shifts in V1 before CO applications and before levels

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Because I said t f it means the ■■■■ or the frick

Honestly, V1 was better because it was pretty nice how when you were in max, you could talk to your fellow friends.

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@trust_level_0 @trust_level_1 Which game do you like better? V1 or V2. Anwser in the poll above.

I am closing the post in one week. Vote now.

I closed this poll. Have a good day.

V2 is quite better but I hate that my levels didn’t transfer to V2. Now are everyone saying I am rank buyer (if you want proof I am not, check my profile and gamepasses in my inventory, nothing from stateview).

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V1 before we got levels… levels destroyed this group

No? They mad it better in my opinion

how to make like a voting thing

I like V1 since it was more realistic and had a better community. I actually played V1 for hours but I barely go on V2. BRING BACK V1.

i never play v1 but i seen other people play it and ngl i like the v1 style better

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