Donor perks not fully working

To be honest I am not really sure its a bug but in the store in the extras there admin command and the description says that it gives you cape and PM I got the cape but PM doesn’t work.

Hello, Mc_Patrick!

The basic admin gamepass provides commands that don’t affect others.
The private message command affects others, and so it won’t work at gamepass admins.


Yeah I know about the basic admin gamepass for about 1.6k I was talking about the stateview donation perks for 400 and it states that you get access to the cape and private message others.

Sorry for your loss.
I’ll ping @jimmy.
He will probably explain the situation.


Okay thank you for trying to help!

Yeah, I bought donor perks just recently too, and all I got was my cape.

Hey, @xsQuotes and @Mc_patrick !
You can check you’r commands with :cmds.
I you have any more questions, feel free to ping me!


Hi, @Yan-fan !

My donor perks are still not working. I asked other members of the community and they said you don’t get admin unless you get the 1k robux one, even though it says you do. Maybe because of the different versions the devs keep switching back and forth from. I will look into it a bit more and get back to you in a bit.


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PM command should still be within the Admin Commands GP.