During Fridays-Sundays add a 2x xp feature

Now you may be thinking, “No, afk grinders can just easily get more XP.” Well, we can hire someone to create a bot where if someone has been in a server for to long a FD+ is called into the server to check the user out.

Why? This is completely useless, pretty sure your thinking only on your benefit and you want to get W

If you want that to happen, you pay the money and you tell them to make the bot and you make the owners make the bot into the game


No it defeats the point of getting ranks by levels

No, + there are just kids who wants warden and we need Tuesday - Wednesday xp
kids are at home from friday - sunday and we need 2x xp while the kids are at school

Tbh we don’t rly need 2x XP. It doesn’t make sense as it’s only useful if you want to rank up with levels faster

I already have warden, but I agree with Sniper

Yeah + Anyone who wants to respone must know that this situation gór resolved and this is a DED post.

Oh. It was an year?! Do not think that I want to revive it. I realized nie that this was an year ago DED