During training people shouldn’t be seated for being slow at faces

It’s annoying the fact that I always get seated, doesn’t everyone have this problem or is it me because it needs to change, am I right like bruh it’s unfair to the people with lag.

Then how to fix it? Have the host write down names of the people who normally get seated? Would only make faces take more time.

And for the “lag” argument, if you’re good at faces lag shouldn’t be a problem unless its so laggy that you cant even properly play SV

And it kinda seems here like you are just making this post because you want to pass trainings more easily.

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No, it’s for real I can play SV it just has some lag spikes in between so that’s why I think it’s un-fair because I know all the faces, they just are strict about how long it takes you.

When I have lags I still dont get seated. As blub said the lag is only a problem if its making you unable to play. If you get seated but you are good enough in other parts you still pass, so whats the problem?

Well I kinda timed the lag with when the face is said so I’m good to go and I passed my first training.

I mean, not that the training really matters but it matters I figured out the lag stuff yesterday I fixed my laptop and should be good now.

If the lag is so bad it interrupts faces, then either SV would be unplayable or RiChard would kick you.

That is just a accuse, I passed 2 times even tho I laged