DW + Have the possibility to use the Cuff with the staff

First of all, I know that many answers will say that this would cause the DW + to abuse their power, but first let me put the limitations

The function of this team cuff, would be to temporarily arrest a staff who abuses their power, this would prevent at least temporarily, that users resort to votekick, when arresting a staff staff, obviously they will become an inmate However, if you want to be a prison staff again, you will have to wait a pre-established time, those of the same rank or higher could not arrest themselves because their rank is not allowed, however if a superior abuses, you can use the votekick

now I will place some limitations

-Unlike inmates, when wanting to arrest staff, they will have a cooldown of 2 minutes or more

-If the DW + continues to insist on arresting someone, they will be given a warning, which if they receive it 3 times, they will become a prisoner for about 6 minutes

-Only the High Command do not have a cooldown like the others do, because they have professionalism

I do not know how accepted this idea would be, but it is not bad to see the answers that the forum gives about it, what do you think? good or bad?


Even with all the limits it would be abused to much, DW id an easy rank to get, and as this wouldn’t even get logged or stuff like that its a bad idea

CP is a buyable rank, and tbh this would be one of the most “funny” things to abuse. So it should be FD+

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so, if FD+ can have the team cuff?

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At least CP+. DWs don’t always know the rules so they would abuse often.

I think it will be W+. Right because DW’s will abuse it and we will have 999.999.999.999 ABUSE and ABUSE REPORT.

Wardens will abuse it too, anything below FD cant be trusted with this, because CP is buyable, and warden is easy to get

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I see your point, but it will be abused. Try W+ at the minimum.

Think of the abuse for a second. NO, JUST NO.

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Make it FD+ because CPs will abuse it.

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I don’t like this rule. A lot of DW’s abuse. Also CP is a buy able rank.

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Make it CaC+ just for safe measures.