DW's uniform color

Add a short sleave white shirt for the rank of D.W so it is easier to see the difference since we played for 32 hours and we kinda deserve the uniform.

Suggestion by: iidefenderlaw

No, you can see the difference (short sleeves) also, whit unifor is warden+

Oh, and not every DW ranked uo through levels + I dont consider 32 a high level. Nowadays you have a low level if youre under 300 levels.

No, DW really isnt considered someone who’s supposed the “highest rank” in a server, and they also aren’t in the chain of command

Yes but how do u get the white shirt cos im warden and I dont have it

This is outdated CP+ is now white,

CP+ is white and DW-W is blue and COMM-PI is the picture below and ERT is that black uniform and CO is that blue one and MO team has it’s own one